Sarah Pemberton Strong

Novelist and Poet

Intensive Poetry Workshop (Online)

This eight-day poetry workshop replicates the intensely focused environment of a writing residency, but without requiring you to leave home for a week or spend your entire paycheck. The emphasis is on creating lots of new work: you’ll write a poem a day for five days, receiving daily emailed critiques from the instructor and a classmate. Class begins with an online video meeting on our first day. The following five days we’ll be in close communication via email as you write new poems and receive feedback. After a day for revision, we’ll have another virtual meeting on the last day, to develop strategies for sustaining momentum and to practice reading our work aloud — a fitting conclusion to this productive and inspiring week.

Appropriate for poets of all levels and backgrounds. Commitment to the rigorous schedule required. Join us and jump-start your writing, receive useful feedback, connect with other poets, and enjoy the process! As a teacher, facilitator and editor, Sarah works equally well with widely-published authors and with novices sharing their work for the first time.

For more information, dates, and location, please contact Sarah.