Sarah Pemberton Strong

Novelist and Poet

“The stakes in Strong’s sharply etched and crafted poems are high:
language that summons us to compassion, responsibility, gratitude for being alive.”

—Joy Ladin

In Tour of the Breath Gallery, Sarah Pemberton Strong explores how our subtlest gestures articulate our most passionate concerns. She maps the intricacies of the body—the fingers of a hand, the work of breathing—with the same dexterity she brings to investigating what inspires a mother to demolish a kitchen wall or a lover to change genders. Strong also examines the qualities of spiritual experience—in Buddhist practice, in re-imagined biblical narratives, and in the details of daily life. Formally alert and often funny, with an ear for the music of everyday speech, Tour of the Breath Gallery guides us through the interplay of the domestic and the sublime with a wise and generous grace.